by Not Enough

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released August 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Not Enough Vancouver, Washington

My main bandcamp is at

This will be where I upload my rock stuff.

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Track Name: The Last One Of Us
How do I continue with all of this lingering in my head?
I'm chased in my dreams by all of these things repeatedly.
It won't end.

After all we've been through.
After your lies and your comfort.
Look me in the face.

I need to know.
I need to know.
Tell me the truth, all of it.

How do I continue?
Track Name: A Monkey Sits At The Sea
To speak of mother and father is to dance under the moon-lit showers.
One drop radiates their altar,
Yet another hides what he devoured,
So we take this bubble with moscato-stained lips,
and as it crumbles to rubble, we scoff with a tear-blotted quip.

Until it bleakly winks at us.

Many times we've chased the sun and many times it seems to have gone.
Until it bleakly winks at us, the sun calls us its equal even though we're both its prequel.
Until it bleakly winks at us, the sun calls us its equal.
Until it bleakly winks at us.

It shows us that everything is superfluous.
But relax, in this nihilistic existence.
With a dash of persistence.
And relax.