by Not Enough

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released July 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Not Enough Vancouver, Washington

My main bandcamp is at

This will be where I upload my rock stuff.

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Track Name: Medusa
Try to remember to stray from the end a bit when sitting at the edge of natural beauty,
One wrong step and over the abyss we go,
It's December and I'm too awake to send my wit on leaving to judge this lateral beauty.

Mountains and clouds pass by.
Water falls in the sky.
I'm left to wonder why we're not one.
Ten steps back and you can kiss death hello.
This tree sprawls into its neighbors,
providing an unintentional crow's nest,
of this split in existence

Color vibrant, nothing sits still,
saturation lives in the nest of,
laceration, with provocation of my receive

People, a tyrant, rise to kill my intuition, become my prohibition,
Of my mission to be the creator.

Try to remember to stray from the end a bit when sitting at the edge.
Track Name: Ranger Randall
Staring at the wall, I look up.
Right arm reaches down.
Pale skin reaches to the black.
Watch over me in this room of mine,
where I reside all my life.
Neck elongating. Neck turning black whether I want it or not.
I die.
Track Name: Left As Stone
I come in peace from my home.
I'll leave deceased and alone.
Never have I seen something like this.
The barracks are full yet the corners of everyone's mouth are turned to face the gleam in their eyes that seems to say, "come with us, you'll be safe."
But there seems to be an undertone of infidelity and complete nonsense.
So I sack up and do a heel-turn on outta here,
and not realize I'm viewed as a peer.

Send me home, please.
I just want to go.

I came in peace from my home.
I left in one piece but as stone.
Track Name: A Lot Of Birds
Well I hope that you have it much easier than me.
You didn't have to flee.

I have seen you naked, but I've never seen you without your clothes.
I have felt you cry, but never seen the tears run out your eyes.
I never felt the rough edges of your hands in the letter that you delicately put together.
I could tell the care and time you put in, but I guess that doesn't matter now.
I could feel your anguish from the first words, but I guess it never really matters.

I'm so sorry that I caused you so much pain, I never thought it'd end this way.
I'm so sorry that I never said goodbye until it was way too late.

I never meant to put you into this.
I thought you were stronger, I thought I was stronger than this.
I will be seeing you soon.,I'll be able to say I'm sorry.
It's all my fault. My fault.
You will never breathe again. And it's all my fault.